Department of earth sciences is one unit of Earth Sciences Collage. Our research to discuss the surface and inner of the earth is based on math, physics and chemistry to be combined with computer sciences and geology. We display the methods of the seismology, geophysics and geology to research source mechanics, wave propagation, gravity and electrics exploration, tectonics etc. We could apply these researches to solve lots practicalities such as environment (water and waste), disaster (earthquakes and fault zone), resource exploration (energy and water), and engineering site investigation.

Our researches are divided into these fields: seismology, geoelectrics, seismic method, physics model, well logging, magnetic and gravity, and geology. Because there are lots latest facilities in our lab, especially for field work, we are the key department in geophysics field in Taiwan. We supply students computer room, subscribe journal and purchase books every year to fulfill our resource.

Our major research topics include: (1) the investigation of gas hydrate in the area offshore southwestern Taiwan (2)CCS(3) Theoretical and experimental studies of earthquake precursors on electromagnetic and seismic activities (4)the research of core of Chelungpu fault, Taiwan(5) natural and active seismic source prospecting crossing Taiwan Strait(6)Taiwan seismicity model and strong motion research.